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Gross Automation is a proud distributor of SolaHD products. Voltage surges and sags, power interruptions, voltage transients, electrical noise and other power quality problems can disrupt production, damage equipment and corrupt valuable data. Since 1915, SolaHD has supplied total power quality solutions to keep production lines moving while keeping people, equipment and information safe. From the service entrance to the most sensitive control systems, SolaHD offers industrial grade power conversion and power quality products to ensure reliable operation in the most demanding production environments.



SolaHD offers four series of Industrial Control transformers for the most demanding industrial applications. These products exceed NEMA ratings for inrush and regulation to ensure control systems are powered correctly.

General Purpose, Drive Isolation, Buck Boost, K-Factor, Low Rise Temperature and Non Ventilated Automation Transformers are also available.


Power Conditioning

Superior voltage regulation of ±1% sets the CVS series of voltage regulators and power conditioners apart from other power conditioning technologies on the market. No other power conditioning technology provides as complete a solution against power quality disturbances. The CVS series is ideal for applications where even a small change in voltage level can lead to unscheduled downtime, misoperation, incorrect data or scrapped production.


Power Supplies

SolaHD has a broad range of standard power supplies to suit almost any industrial application including both linear and switching technology products. The product line includes one of the broadest ranges of DIN Rail and linear-based power supplies in the marketplace. The DIN Rail products feature full CE compliance (including all the elements of CE design engineers need to worry about: safety/LVD, EMC, and ingress protection). UL 508 approvals eliminate derating in UL 508 listed panel systems. Global inputs are available for installations around the world.


Power Protection & UPS

SolaHD DC UPS’ will support the load during AC power loss or power supply failure. This product line of power protection products consists of four topologies and classes of power protection such as DC topology, off-line topology, line-interactive topology and the online alternative.


Surge Protection

SolaHD’s proven surge protection and filtering devices protect critical operations across facilities from the continuous threat of transient spikes, noise, and harmonic distortion. These surge protective devices focus on limiting high-voltage spikes to a level that is acceptable to most electronic equipment.



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