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SolaHD Transformers

SolaHD Transformers

Gross Automation carries four series of SolaHD Industrial Control Transformers as well as General Purpose, Drive Isolation, Buck Boost, K-Factor, Low Rise Temperature and Non Ventilated Automation

The SBE series features copper windings and encapsulation (through 1000 VA) for longer life and protection from the environment. Extra deep, molded terminal barriers reduce the chance of electrical failure as the result of arcing or frayed lead wires. The rugged construction and proven reliability of the SBE design are uniquely suited for all industrial environments.

The open style SBE Series provides voltage regulation in excess of NEMA recommendations without exceeding 55oC rise. These higher power capacity transformers are the best choice when 80% or more of the load components are electromagnetic devices.

The SMT series of industrial control transformers are 115°C rise and aluminum wound for applications where good voltage regulation and higher power capacities (1000-5000 VA) are required. The SMT series is economical and compact with traditional open wound varnished coils. Ratings are from 1 kVA through 5 kVA with Class 180°C insulation system.

International series. Electromagnetic control components demand inrush currents up to 10 times the transformers nominal rating without sacrificing secondary voltage stability beyond practical limits. The International series transformers fully comply with IEC and NEMA standards, have multiple voltage taps for easy application and are available with IEC touchproof covers (IP20)

The HSZ series rounds out SolaHD’s line with an enclosed series of control transformers from 1 – 10 kVA that feature either a UL Listed Type 3R, 4, 4X or 12 enclosures. This unique design, featuring copper windings and encapsulated construction, can help system designers meet harsher environmental standards or design for a safer installation outside of a control cabinet. The HSZ series is for applications where cost or heat issues make mounting the transformer outside the control panel necessary.

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