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SolaHD Surge Protection

SolaHD Surge Protection

SolaHD’s proven surge protection and filtering devices protect critical operations across facilities from the continuous threat of transient spikes, noise, and harmonic distortion. These surge protective devices focus on limiting high-voltage spikes to a level that is acceptable to most electronic equipment. 


Surge Protective Devices – high energy SPDs, also known as Sine Wave Tracking or electronic-grade devices are typically installed at service entrances or on larger distribution panels. 

Active Tracking® Filtering with Surge Protection – The most effective solution in critical equipment protection within harsh industrial environments. A unique multi-stage hybrid design prevents Low-energy transients and high-frequency noise from disrupting and long-term degradation of microprocessor-based equipment within your facility. 

Data/Signal Line Surge Protection – The need to protect all susceptible low-voltage cable routes entering a facility and at key points within the building is as critical as protecting the equipment from high-energy impulses. SolaHD’s Data/Signal Line products utilize high-speed, high-energy components that come in a variety of voltage levels and unique packaging configurations. 

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