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Carlo Gavazzi Fieldbuses

Carlo Gavazzi Fieldbuses

By allowing field devices to be connected together on a simple 2 wire bus network Carlo Gavazzi can reduce your installation cost by as much as 50%. In addition, further savings can be made by integrating HVAC and lighting control, to save doubling up on field devices that can now be shared. Gross Automation has had many successes based on solid foundations and we are proud to have worked on applications such as airports and cruise terminals, shopping centers, hotels, schools, and other commercial buildings.

Dupline® is a field- and installation-bus that offers unique solutions for a wide range of applications in industrial applications. The system is capable of transmitting multiple digital and analog signals over several km, via an ordinary 2-wire cable.

Carlo Gavazzi’s Dupline® 3-wire bus makes elevator control systems simpler and more effective than traditional systems. 

The Dupline® irrigation bus reduces installation costs and increases flexibility in agricultural irrigation systems, where the valves are usually distributed over a large area.

The Dupline® Car park system is a complete solution for guiding the drivers directly to the free parking bays.

DuplineSafe offers a flexible and easy-to-wire solution complying with EN954- 1 Cat 4, and at the same time the fast and precise diagnostic feature reduces the plant downtime. 

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