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Carlo Gavazzi Controls

Carlo Gavazzi Controls

Carlo Gavazzi's wide and varied range of products include utility meters, power analyzers and transducers, multifunction meters and sensors, transformers, energy management software and accessories

Carlo Gavazzi’s Energy Management solutions provide you with the information needed so that consumption trends can be identified and corrective actions are taken. Analyzing your power usage can help you negotiate favorable terms with the utility company as well as identifying areas where savings can be made and real-time power consumption monitoring allows overloads to be anticipated. In many applications, cost allocation and load control have become more vital because of the need to save money or issue accurate energy bills.

Timers & Counters: Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of timers for mounting in the back of or for mounting on the front of panels.

Current Transformers: The current transformer is vital within the control element of any energy management system. Carlo Gavazzi has a portfolio of both solid-core and split-core CTs complete with double screw terminals, isolated fixing screws, DIN-railmounting kit, removable panel fixing clips and sealable terminal block covers.

Power Supply: Carlo Gavazzi has a broad range of DIN rail mounted power supplies suited to applications where reliable DC power is required as well as, redundant modules to manage the switch-over to another “spare” power supply.

Safety Modules: Carlo Gavazzi's range of safety modules includes modules for light curtains, safety mats, two hand control (anti-tie down device), magnetic and safety switches, and emergency stop. 

Monitoring Relays: Carlo Gavazzi monitoring relays are used in a wide range of applications for protecting motors (elevators, compressors, pumps, air conditioning systems). They are also used for monitoring instrumentation signals, detecting broken heater elements and monitoring of lights in building automation systems.

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