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ABB Tmax XT Molded Case Circuit Breakers

ABB Tmax XT Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Tmax XT moulded case circuit breakers guarantee an extremely high performance level while being progressively smaller in size, simple to install and able to provide increasingly better safety. Range is complete with four frame sizes: XT1, XT2 up to 160A and XT3, XT4 up to 250A.

  • High breaking capacity in compact dimensions

XTraordinary limiting characteristics allow savings in copper and footprint in switchboard, high selectivity values and very compact motor protection solutions.

  • Ease of use and installation flexibility

A dedicated range of accessories and a renewed solution for electronic trip units to adapt Tmax XT to different applications scenarios.

  • Customized protection and information availability

Specific electronic trip units for energy metering, motor protection and generator protection in addition to a Modbus communication module for integration in a supervision system.

  • Increased safety for operators

Wide range of keylocks and padlocking options, plug in and withdrawable versions to speed up maintenance operations and improved diagnostic to have ready to use information about breakers’ status.

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